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[Handwritten Note: This a copy of Dr. David L. Chancy, Pastor,  McDonogh Road Baptist Church:
Last Rites for my wife and your mother.

 Yvonne Quinn Childers
                                                          5 February 2003  

The Psalmist  wrote, “Blessed in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.”  We gather today to
honor and celebrate the life of Yvonne Childers who died Sunday at age 81. She leaves behind her
husband Fred, her daughters, Yvonne Kendrick and Elizabeth Fichtel, and three sons, Freddie,
Michael and Paul; 17 grandchildren, and 18 great-grandchildren.

She also leaves behind  three sisters, and several nieces and nephews. We come today thanking
God for a good woman who lived a good life. We grieve that she has left us, but we give thanks that
she’s better off in a better place.

Thankfully, God ministers to us in our time of loss and we lean on Him and find strength and comfort
in Him.  The Psalmist also wrote, “God is my refuge and my strength, a very present help in time of

And then Jesus said in John 14:1-6. . .

First, trust in my presence. Listen again to v. 1. Even when you don’t see me, you can trust in me, for
I am with you.  I will never leave you nor forsake you.

We realize that a lot of things in life are temporary. We come to a funeral and realize that our days
are numbered  and our life is short, even when you live for 83 years. We see a lot of changes and
have to make a lot of adjustments as we live life. But one constant you can always count on is the
presence of the Lord;even when you can’t see him, He is there.

God will be with each of you family members in the days ahead just as he is with you in this hour of
loss. We can count on His presence.

Second, trust in my promises. Jesus promises us a place in v.2. This place, according to Jesus, is
“the Father’s house.” A house becomes a home when you put love into it. Yvonne put lots of love
into her houses throughout all the years, didn’t she? She made a house a home and made each
family member feel special. Now it’s her turn. She has gone to her father’s house and taken her
special place in heaven, a place Jesus prepared just for her.

Third,  trust in my person. Trust in me. Listen to vs. 4-6. Jesus doesn’t just show us the way to
heaven and salvation. He himself is the way. Jesus doesn’t just tell us the truth. He Himself is the
truth. Jesus doesn't just give us life. He is our life. He gives eternal life to all who trust in Him and
receive Him into his or her life as Lord and Savior.

Somewhere back there, Yvonne made that decision and settled that matter of eternity a long time
ago. She knew the peace that comes from knowing for certain where you’ll spend eternity She never
wondered about where she’d go when she died because she knew Jesus.

So today, we affirm that Yvonne is absent from the body, but present with the Lord. And we give
thanks for that reality, and that gives us comfort.

Yvonne has been described as a lovely lady, a really great person, a faithful Christian. She was a
dedicated woman. Let’s read about the dedicated woman in Proverbs 31:10-31. This passage
describes a woman who is praised.

First, the woman who is praised is dedicated to God. Verse 30 refers to the woman who fears the
Lord. Yvonne was a woman who devoted herself to God and to living a life that was pleasing to God.
She honored God in her life, in her home, in the workplace, in her community and in her church.

She loved the Lord. She loved the Word of God. I had the privilege of looking through her Bible last
night. When I can, I like to see a person's Bible before I do his or her funeral. It's always encouraging
and insightful to see what is marked, or to see what is inserted in her Bible.
She also had inserted in her Bible a postcard picture of Second Baptist Church on Norman Drive.
She loved this church and was faithful to be here. Mary Smith, the SS teacher, learned about
Yvonne living nearby and went to visit her. The church was having a SS enlargement emphasis at
the time, and Mary invited Yvonne to he enrolled in her ladies’ class. Yvonne enrolled, and was
present the next Sunday. And as one of the ladies told me, the ladies loved her. Yvonne was a
person you could really love.

She also was dedicated to her family. She loved each of you very much. She met Fred at work,
dated him at the skating rink. and married him on August 17, 1940. She was a dedicated wife and
mother. She had the heart of a mother, and even as a young teenager, took great responsibility for
caring for her siblings. Her siblings adored her and she was basically a second mother to them.

She cared for her children, and then for her grandchildren and her great-grandchildren. She was a
caring person. She loved sewing and did beautiful work. Yvonne would come home from school and
her mother would surprise her with a brand new outfit. She’d work on it while everyone was at school
and keep it a secret. She did beautiful smocking.

She would bring home remnants from Beacon Blankets and make baby blankets. She made over
100 afghans and loved giving them away.

She was always careful to never show favoritism. She loved each of you equally.

Yvonne could be tough when she had to be. With Fred being in the Navy, he from time to time would
be at sea for many months and Yvonne would run the household. She expected a lot. She’d say. “If
you tell me the truth, I won’t whip you. But if you lie to me, I'll whip you...”

She always had time for you. She could sit for hours working puzzles with her grandchildren. She
always wanted to help however she could. On one occasion, she helped build a doghouse. They
worked and worked in the basement to build that doghouse. They finished it, and went to take it
outside, and couldn’t get it through the basement door. They had to remodel it.

Yvonne was a good cook. She made the best creamed corn and corn bread. She seemed to always
have a roast on even in the middle of the night. Whenever anyone visited her, she would ask,
“Would you like something to eat?” She loved having company and was a great hostess.

She loved life. The children never heard her complain no matter how difficult things were. She was
just happy. She loved to joke and cut up and laugh with the ladies in her SS class. She was a ray of

One of the gifts God gives us to comfort us through the years is the gift of good memories. You’ll
remember a lot about your mom: those blue eyes. her beautiful handwriting, those macrame bags,
giving you a piece of gum (1/2 piece) on the way to church, pinching you in church when you got too
wiggly, her beautiful garden, making the girls a red rose corsage from her garden on Mother’s Day.
When these things pop into your mind in the days and years to come, thank God for your mother
and for her love for each of you. That indeed is a gift.