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Mitchell W. Shepherd + Clerissa L. Arrowood                   Robert D. Allman + Harriet Burnette
     |                                                                               |     
Walter Shepherd                    +        Mary Frankie Allman
1887 - 1935                              m. 1908       1891 - 1974
Robert Alvin Shepherd (Blanche Parker), 1909 - 2000        
                              Willie Mae Shepherd (
Stanley F. Marshbanks), 1912 - 1969
Jamie Leah Shepherd (Wade Ball), 1915 - 2011
                              Walter Harry Sheppard (Wanda [?] ), 1917 - 1961
Dennis Howard Shepherd (Pauline Winnie Downing), 1920 - 1974
                              Living Daughter

"Walter was 21 years old and Mary was 17 when they began housekeeping in the Logan house
that stood where the Os Metcalf house now stands. Alvin, their first child was born there . . . .

"They moved next to a log cabin near Mary's father, Bob Allman. The house is still standing and a
nephew of Mary's is living there. Later Walter and Mary bought a farm of 25 acres adjoining the
home place. This property had a house on it which stood near the only road existing at that time. It
is now called the old Burnsville Highway. Four children were born in this house, Willie Mae, Jamie
Leah, Harry, and Dennis. They later moved into the house with Mary's father to take care of him.
The youngest child, Harriet Faye, was born there . . . .

"Walter died suddenly with a heart attack in 1935 at the age of 48. The family had spent the day at
church attending a dinner. He felt sick and all the family walked home. None of the rest of the
family could keep up with him for he ran almost all the way home, and when he reached there he
fell on the bed and died suddenly, with a smile on his face. Mary worked over him a long time
because she couldn't believe he was gone. He is buried in the Piney Mountain Church Cemetery.

"Things were not easy for the family after that, but with the help of God and hard work, Mary
raised the family to maturity. She was always kind and cheerful, and lived to the age of 83."

- Faye Shepherd McFarland, "Walter and Mary (Allman) Shepherd", HOBC, Vol II, p. 337-338.