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www.childers-shepherd.org, 3 Jan 2009
Recorded on January 1, 1974, by Dwight Childers at Bergie Shepherd Hobson’s house in Barnardsville,

Uncle Fred Jack -- did you hear the story about him breaking his leg? Well, now, he was
young then. There was an apple tree out a little ways fron that kitchen I was tellin’ you
about. He climbed up in there—he was makin’ his dog a house, or something about a dog
house, and he climbed up in there to get something to build it with maybe . . . or I don’t
know what. Anyway, he fell out of that apple tree and broke his leg. And it was a bad
break; he broke it down at his ankle. And they got ‘im a doctor – [wudn] any hospitals to
take him to then -- and put him on the table and Dr. McLean and Dr. John Gibbs, I
believe was the doctor’s name, they sawed and tried to fix it but didn’t fix it right, didn’t
set it right. That’s what caused him to be such a bad cripple. Then it took almost blood
poisoning. He was always a bad cripple.