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Recorded on January 1, 1974, by Dwight Childers at Bergie Shepherd Hobson’s house in Barnardsville, NC

                            Her Father (Henry Taylor Shepherd)

I know Papa was always the one that they ’d call on to do everything. When anybody would get sick, go
after Taylor. They thought if Taylor got there, it would be alright. He was the oldest one living there. Uncle
Gus, he went from place to place, went out west, all over. He was the wanderer. He wasn’t mean or
anything; he just wandered around. And Papa would always . . . .

Let’s see, there was Ernie, Winifred, and Wayne, and Pearl, there was four at that time, and they would
come to Grandma’s and stay, several . . maybe a month or so, and then they would go over to her parents
in Yancey -- Pensecola, I think it was -- the Blankenships and stay with Aunt Sara’s people. And when they
lived in a house, when they had their own home, Uncle Gus would take a notion he had to get out and get
work or something, just to roam around, and Papa would go out with a team [of horses] and move [them]
wherever they had to move.

But when any sickness would happen in the family, they’d go after Taylor, and he’d stay. And everybody in
the country . . . Papa just killed his self waitin’ on ‘em. He waited on Robert Maney over in Yancey. They
said . . . I heard Robert say that if Papa hadn’t come he wouldn’t have lived. Nat McLean was the doctor.
He was the one that got Papa.