WNC History Timeline

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www.childers-shepherd.org, 3 Jan 2008
Based on notes made by Dwight Childers during an interview with Bergie Shepherd Hobson at her
house in Barnardsville, NC, in 1974.

Maternal Grandparents: Mitchell Wilson Shepherd and Clerissa Arrowood Shepherd

He was Irish. Quick-tempered, jolly, and full of fun. He was muscular, low, fine-featured – just like his

They lived on Hobson Branch at Ivy Creek near H. R. Deaver’s place. They built H. R.’s present house.
Then it was a small house – just a kitchen and a bedroom.

They were big eaters – lots of pork, vegetables, and corn bread.

Their youngest son Bascombe was famous for eating coffee grounds.

Grandpa Mitchell would often say “Land sakes alive, Clercy.”

Grandma Clerissa was a small woman, a worrier, and rather negative. She had a little wisp of hair which she
did up in a knot. It always came down when she was shouting. She died of tuberculosis.

After Grandma Clerissa died he went to live with Aunt Rosetta and Uncle Horace Deaver. They lived in
[what was later] H. R. Deaver’s house. Grandpa had sold the house to Horace and Rosetta for his old-age

That arrangement didn’t work out, because somehow he felt mistreated. He then moved in with his son
Bascombe up the road at [what was later] the Earl Fisher house.

Grandpa Mitchell died on a Sunday in May or June, not long after we came back from Winston. Floyd and
Ruby came from church and asked Grandpa Mitchell to come with them over to the Beachboard house to
spend the night with us. He looked up at the sky, saw clouds, and said he’d better stay at home to look after
the tobacco which had just been set out. That night there was an electric storm and a killing frost. He was
found dead in the morning.

He died of a heart attack.