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Recorded on January 1, 1974, by Dwight Childers at Bergie Shepherd Hobson’s house in Barnardsville, NC

                        Paternal Grandparents (Shepherd-Riddle)

Well, Grandpa Wesley was a very quiet, reserved man. He didn’t have much to say, but he was interesting.
He was unique. He didn’ talk much, but what he believed in he believed in. And he had a beard.

Grandma was . . . awfully good and industrious . . . She worked. And Grandpa took everything easy. He
didn’t get upset over nothing. But he was the head though. He was a good liver. He didn’t have plenty, but
he always made enough food to do ‘em.

And Grandma, she was the one who made the garden. She didn’t want anybody in the garden with a horse.
Grandma would have ‘em to plow her garden in the spring, harr’ it and lay it off. She didn’t want nobody in
that garden after that.

We didn’t see any bugs back then. Just used ashes if there were any.

[They lived] in a log house in that bottom down below the Fred Jack house. I can’t remember how many
rooms was in the house, or anything. But I can remember when they built the Fred Jack house and moved
into it. They had two rooms, both bedrooms, had a front porch not quite all the way across, and then they
built a kitchen. They went out of that house and then into the kitchen.

(I remember the Dillingham house -- I’ve stayed there many of a day -- up on the hill from Burnett
Dillingham’s now. They tore the top down and made it just one story. But they had a big house and had the
kitchen way off there.)

Grandma’s house had a porch coming out . . . come out on the porch and into the kitchen. It was a good-
sized kitchen. It had a door at the lower side and didn’t have any steps or anything, just the door there.
Looks like they would ‘a’ put windows, don’t it, but it had a door there. I’ve seen Grandma sit there in a
chair many of a day, in that door.