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                                   Two James Shepherds?

James Shepherd, son of George, moved to the Reddies River area near his brothers John and Robert
around the time of the Revolution. He is on tax lists and census reports in the 1780's along with these
brothers. There are also land transactions, and James's real estate interests seem to be in the Reddies
River/Ashe Co., NC areas. "James Sheppard Sr."  is on a list of soldiers from the Reddies River area
that served under Capt. William Lenoir on the "Expeditions to Ramsoners? etc."

There is another James Shepherd (who I believe is the Captain) with several land transactions on the
western side of present-day Surry Co., and eastern Wilkes Co.

Captain James Shepherd bought the "Roundabout" Farm. This James mostly lived in the heart of the
Reddies River area amongst the Reddies River Shepherds. He is found in several census and tax
records. He is the same James Shepherd who moved to Williamson Co., TN. I've seen excerpts from
where he sold the Roundabout Farm after moving to Williamson Co., TN.

This is definitely NOT James Shepherd, Sr., brother to John Sr. and Robert Shepherd.

I believe Captain James Shepherd is the son of James Shepherd, Sr. The records I've examined show a
James Sr. and a James Jr. in the Reddies River area. After 1787, the "Sr" and "Jr" disappears and only
"James" appears in the records. This "James" is Captain James Shepherd and the progression of
children, number of slaves, and land owned, indicates to me that Captain James Shepherd is indeed
James Shepherd, Jr. I suspect that James Shepherd, Sr. died about 1788, hence there was no longer
any need to refer to the younger as "Jr."

                                                                                             -- Brodrick Shepherd, 9 Sep 2007