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According to the National Park Service (http://www.civilwar.nps.gov/cwss/soldiers.cfm) . . . .

The 29th Infantry Regiment included the following:

Erwin Shepherd, Company B, Rank Private

Mitchell G. Shepherd, Companies D and B, Rank Private

Wesley Shepherd, Company B, Rank Private

“29th Infantry Regiment, organized at Camp Patton, Asheville, North Carolina, in September, 1861,
contained men from Cherokee, Yancey, Buncombe, Jackson, Madison, Haywood, and Mitchell
counties. Sent to East Tennessee the unit was active in the Cumberland Gap operations. Later it was
assigned to General Rains' and Ector's Brigade, and participated in the campaigns of the Army of
Tennessee from Murfreesboro to Atlanta. The 29th then marched with Hood into Tennessee and
ended the war at Mobile. It lost twenty-two percent of the 250 engaged at Murfreesboro and had 110
killed, wounded, or missing at Chickamauga. During the Atlanta Campaign, May 18 to September 5, it
reported 6 killed, 58 wounded, and 87 missing, and at Allatoona thirty-nine percent of the 138 present
were disabled. It surrendered in May, 1865. The field officers were Colonels William B. Creasman and
Robert B. Vance; Lieutenant Colonels Thomas F. Gardner, James M. Lowry, Bacchus S. Profitt, and
William S. Walker; and Major Ezekiel H. Hampton.”