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(continuing from manuscript image, Sunday, October 13, 1935)

Was a good ways down in S. C. when it was dark. I had begun to get hungry – had supper in the diner. “It was
swell.” Stayed in the drawing room until nine. Jack and I went to bed – the berth. Slept all night in spite of the
train stopping and starting.

Awoke at six next morning (Monday). We were stopped at Jacksonville, Fla. Had an hour – so we dressed
hurriedly, got off all set for the next train when we found we would have to wait some time, so we got our
breakfast there at the station.

We had breakfast in a hurry and still wasn’t ready to go. Jack and I went for a walk – around station, saw
alligators, etc.

Next train was rather nice – air conditioned. Had dinner on it.

Went to bed Sunday nite, while we were still in the hills – when I awoke Monday morn – was in the tropics.

Met a Miss Delmore – governess of two girls. Had a nice evening.

Got off of train at Palm Beach, Fla, for a few min, to mail a card. Jack looked out the window and started crying.

Arrived Miami at five-thirty, looked all over town to find something suitable for Jack’s supper. Mrs. H. was
walking with Bettie Anne when I returned. Bought some sandwiches for ourselves, and got on the ship at six. Got
settled in our rooms and sailed at seven.

I went on deck to see the take off. It was great – cars with friends of some who were sailing drove slowly along
the coast, until we were out to sea. The scenery was  beautiful. Moon looked as if it was coming up out of the

Had been on the water twenty-one hours, with water and sky the scenery, when I first viewed land.  Got to Cuba
(Havana) at three. Stayed in the customs house for awhile. Got on the launch, and the water again.

Everything was bewildering for a week – house and everything so different.

Conversation with “Conador” a Cuban.

Sun. Oct 20 – 1935

First Sun to church in Havana.

Mr. Norfleet took me, went over on the launch. His chauffeur a Cuban brought me back to the dock. Had a short
conversation with him. He being able to speak some Eng, talking with our hands together.

Second Sun in Havana

Oct 27 – 1935

Mr. Norfleet took me again. Was to get a taxi back, but decided I would walk and learn the way. Was almost
there. Mr. H. thought I was lost and came hunting me in a taxi.

Nov 3 – 1935

Third Sun in Havana, went to the Methodist with Mrs. Waddell and Mrs. McCray.

Nov 10 Sunday

Took the taxi to church – walked back. Congregation is small, but I enjoy the service.

Nov 17 – 1935

Had planned to go to Methodist – but Bettie Anne was sick, so I stayed home. It was a wild day, windy and the
water was rough.

Mon. Nov 18 – 1935

Mon Nov 18 was Jack’s birth day. Got a whole host of toys and a rabbit. Fell and cut his head, which created a
lot of excitement.

Nov 19 – 1935

My birth day – Everyone said happy birthday, etc.

Got two letters, two cards. Did not expect a present but when I went to lunch there were three at my plate.
Fountain pen, vase, dish souvenir.

Went to the show that p.m. Saw “Ruggles of Red Cap.” Had a happy birthday in Cuba, Tues Nov 19 – 1935.

Wed 20 Nov.

Mrs. Harigan, Jack, and I went to the beach. Was warm but the wind was fierce.

Second time I was in Havana I went alone. Every one thought I did well not to get lost.

Dec 21, 1935

Sat Night

Went to the play at Methodist Church. I was the Angel who led Mary and Joseph in. Mrs. Handchit was Mary.
Mr. Woodside Joseph.

Good-looking young man said is this Miss Shepherd, etc.

Santa gave me a sack of candy.

Mr & Mrs Coleman chaperoned me home, were very nice to me.

My tropical Xmas

Dec 25 – 1935

Christmas Day in Cuba

It was a beautiful warm day – same as summer.

Had a real Xmas dinner –

Mr. Norfleet

Mrs. Harigan

Mr. Casewell



Mrs. Norfleet

Mr. Harigan

Mrs. Casewell


The cook, Ida, and the maid, Mariece, both served. Conador a Cuban and Bedena Casewell’s nurse helped in the

Lunch started with a tomato juice cocktail and saltines. Turkey and dressing. Mashed cream potatoes (served on
a silver-berry jelly platter), cauliflower, green peas.

A rest between courses. And almonds – nuts and candy – ice cream and fruit cake.

Monday, Jan 6

Is Xmas to the Cubans. They celebrate in honor of three Kings. Put their shoes out for their presents.


Jan 13, 1936

Went to town on Monday. Had a rather difficult time catching the street car – two walked out on me. Was so
mad I could have blown up.

A young gent – seeing I was mad – said, “Where are you going?” I replied “I’m trying to go to (Central Park)
Parka Central. The darn street car wouldn’t stop.” Conversed for about five min. He being able to speak a little
English. C-1 was coming, I knew I could go to Central Park on it, but just asked him. He said “No” the next one.

I got on C-1. Him telling me to wait for the next car. Had gone on it before so I knew.

Done what shopping I had to, came back to dock. Took some snapshots. Speedboat crew wanted me to take
their picture – sun was gone.

Thur before Feb 2 Sun.

Odela a Cuban friend and I went to a club. Had a swell time. One of the most beautiful buildings I have ever seen.
Met her cousin just as we were leaving. He spoke Eng., seemed real nice.

Feb 12, 1936

Went to town, was still early when I got back, so I went for a street car ride. Went to Vadedo and back.

[At this point several pages have been removed and most of the remaining ones in the notebook have been given
over, later obviously, to the scribblings of her small children. Further along are some miscellaneous notes about

At the entrance of the harbor is “Morro Castle” and La Cabana Fortress guarding the city.

Watched Havana disappear.

Went to the standard club Dec 15 – Sunday p.m.

“Fade out of the picture”

Population of Cuba – 4 million. Havana five hundred thousand.

Americans in Cuba 5 thousand in 1935.