www.childers-shepherd.org, 23 Dec 2006
In the autumn of 1935, Inez Shepherd, age 22, had
been working as an attendant at the Appalachian
Hall psychiatric hospital in Asheville since high
school. Recommended by her physician employers,
she was hired by the Harigan family of New York City
to accompany them to Havana, Cuba, to serve as
governess/nurse for their young children, Jack and
Bettie Anne. Mr. Harigan was employed as an
executive for the Standard Oil Company. The family
lived in a large house across the bay from Havana.

Inez began keeping this diary just before departure
for Cuba.

Historical context: In early September, 1935, a
powerful hurricane struck the Florida keys, north of
Cuba, killing over 400 people and destroying the
railroad which linked the keys.

Left: Inez Shepherd with Jack Harigan, Havana,
Cuba,  November 20, 1935.