www.childers-shepherd.org, 4 Feb 2010
Left: Inez Shepherd abt 1937.
Above: Inez Shepherd, before 1939, Asheville, NC?
Below, Inez Shepherd Childers, with baby Gerald, left,
sitting on the '37 Chevy, about 1941, and right, in the yard
of the Bee Tree Road house, about 1942.
Right: Inez Shepherd with Jack Harigan, 20 November
1935, Havana, Cuba. Below: Inez with Jack, Christmas
Day, 1935, Havana, Cuba.
1933, Graduation
Photo, Flat Creek High
Left: Inez Shepherd Childers, 1953, at the family farm near
Weaverville, NC.

Below: 1975, at home near Weaverville, NC.