www.childers-shepherd.org, 23 Dec 2006
Ivora Shepherd (Maney, Black) Remembered
by Phena Shepherd Howie (Floyd Shepherd, Henry T. Shepherd)
as told to Dwight Childers, 7 Nov 2005
Phena remembers our Aunt Ivora as a strong-willed and independent young
woman. Once, when Phena was a child, Ivora came for a visit and decided,
on her own, that Phena needed a haircut. Without further ado, she fetched a
bowl from the kitchen, placed it over Phena's head, and proceeded to cut
straight around.

When, moments later, Phena's parents noticed the results, they were furious.
And when Phena's grandfather, Henry Taylor Shepherd, learned of this
event, Ivora found herself in further trouble.

After Ivora married Vernon Maney, the newlyweds traveled west (to seek their
fortune?), following Mr. Farmer, a local farmer who had left the area to go
west earlier. Later, when Vernon died unexpectedly (there's some mystery
about the circumstances), Ivora's father had to send her the money required
to transport Vernon's body back east.