Jeter Blenevon Shepherd
17 June 1907 - 5 February 1970
Buncombe Co NC     -     Forsyth Co NC
WNC Timeline

Please send corrections., 4 Aug 2012
" . . . my Dad went into WW I. He was too
young for service and changed the date in the
family Bible to get in. Once there he wanted
to come home and his Dad went and got him
out. Not sure exactly how young he was, but
Mom has a picture of him standing beside a
cannon and holding a big gun. He looked very
tiny standing beside such a huge weapon.
Anyway, there was such a hole rubbed in his
birth year in the family Bible that they had to
go back and check the census records to
prove exactly how old he was when he retired
and registered for social security."

- Susan Shepherd Parham, 28 Feb 2011