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                  Last Will and Testament of John James Shepherd, Sr.

"In the name of God, Amen. I John Shepherd, Sr. being in perfect mind and memory and calling to mind the
mortaility of my body, and knowing it is appointed for all me once to die, have made and ordained to be made this
my last will and testament in the manner informed following to wit:

I leave my soul to Almighty God that give it and my body to be buried at the descretion of my executors hereafter
mentioned; and as to all my worldly goods it hath pleased God to bless me with, I leave in the manner following:

My will is that all my just debts to be paid and satisfied, then I give and bequeath to my beloved wife, Sarah, to
have fill and free possession of all that I possess during her life or continuance at the place where I now live, and
if she chooses to move from here to take Grace and her bed and chest during her life; and to Ann Viars, or her
three daughters, I leave $90 to be divided between them; and to Susannah Vannoy I leave $160 to make her equal
with the rest; and to Lucy Pumphrey I leave $60 to make her equal with the rest; to Nancy McQuerry I leave $90
to make her equal with the rest; to Steven Shepherd I leave $80 to make him equal with the rest; and
to Lewis I leave $50 to make him equal to the rest; and to Sally Jennings I leave $127.50 to make her equal with
the rest; and to Delpha Judee I leave $135 to make her equal to the rest; and to Andrew Shepherd I have given
$250; and when all this is settled, if anything remains I leave it to be equally divided agreeable to the will amongst
all that is mentioned in afore will.

I do hereby constitute and appoint my beloved son, John Shepherd and Nathaniel Judd, Jr. executors of this my
last will and testament revoking all wills, legaus (sic) of bequesthes by me heretofore made ratifying and
confirming this to be my last will and testament, this the 21st day of April, A.D., 1810.

Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of us: Lewis Shepherd and Nancy McQuerry"

Signed: John Shepherd
This will was proven in July Session of Court, 1810, by the oath of Lewis Sheppard.


(Will Book 2, P. 308)
Sept. 1810
105 acres of land
50 acres of land
50 acres of land
2 negroes
4 horses
11 cattle
20 hogs
8 sheep
1 old whip saw
5 plows
2 prs. Gear
1 broad ax
1 handsaw
1 drawing knife
3 augurs
4 chisels
1 gauge
1 set of swingle trees
3 bedsteads and cords
11 pewter plates
1 set of tea cups and saucers
1 mug
1 pitcher
6 spoons
1 lantern
1 large pitcher
4 knifes
4 jugs
2 tables
2 wheels
2 prs. Shears
1 shovel
3 pots
1 skillet
1 wash tub
2 prs. Stillards
1 churn
1 salt gum
1 rifle gun
1 pr. Horse plumes
wool, cotton & spun truck
1 grindstone
8 baskets
3 large buckins
3 bells
2 beef hides in tan
1 steel trap
1 foot adds

Some dung-hills fowl
Working tools
Some blacksmith tools
1 trowel
1 frow
3 iron wedges
4 hoes
1 spade
1 shovel
1 gimlet
1 mattock
1 grubbing hoc
1 wagon
1 cart
3 featherbeds
2 underbeds
2 chests
1 cupboard
5 dishes
8 basons
2 tumblers
1 bottle
2 vials
1 coffee pot
1 butterpot
1 knife box
6 barks
4 books
7 chairs
1 looking glass
1 flat iron
1 candle mold
1 oven
2 prs. Pot hooks
2 sifters
2 crocks
2 flat tubs
1 meal gum
1 saddle and bridle
Some lumber
3 bee hives
8 wagon boxes
some bar iron
1 calf skin
16 hogsheads
Some shoe tools
Some bacon, corn,
wheat, rye,
with standing crops

(from Jerry A. Penley, http://www.penjaccphoto.com/penleyged/nti02543.htm)