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John Wesley Shepherd's Civil War Pension Record
provided by Stephen A. Shepherd
John Wesley Shepherd enlisted in
Company B of the Confederate 29th
Infantry NC regiment on 7 March 1861.  
(This regiment included his brothers
Mitchell Gaither Shepherd and Thomas
Ervin Shepherd as well.) On 2 May 1862
he was promoted to Full Corporal.

Later in the war, he joined the 3rd N. C.
Mounted Infantry, which was a Union
force. Company K was organized under
Major George W. Kirk at Knoxville from
May 13 to 16, 1865, and became known
as "Kirk's Raiders". See, at left, Matilda L.
Shepherd's application for a widow's
Source: Ancestry.com's U.S. Civil War Soldier Records and Profiles.