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  Transcript  of Letter by Margaret Jane Shepherd to Daughter Bergie Shepherd Hobson,
                                                        dated 18 Dec 1939

(Note: This retains the original capitalization, spelling, line breaks, and punctuation. There are three
fragments missing, affecting both front and back; guesses about what is missing are enclosed in
square brackets.)

Dear Burgie & Stanley  we received
your letter Saturday  we get your mail in
3 days. Sure was glad that you both are
well  we are all well.  we had a letter from
Harold & Ola last week  said they was all well  
they saw Jetter & Thelma Sunday nigh at church
& they was both well & Jeter just got one
day off for christmas. & that nocked them
out of geting to come home for christmas.
We[ll?] christmas will s[oo]n be here [and]
hav[e n]ot got our Tob[acco] sold I have[n’t ] bin
do[w]n to see Sadie ye[t]  went down Rubys
Fryday but had to hury back  Floids
folks is all well  Phena hasent missed
any this year.  The other has missed some
Mr Allen & Lyda went to see Mrs. allen
Fryday & the Dr said she was to nervis
to come home  Mr allen seames all right
he is going to take care of the things
for Lyda & Ruby to go to winston
Talmage may go with Ruby & Lyda. &
see if he can get work they is nothing
here for Boys to do except a day are to
at a time  hope he can get work at
winston.  I cant think of much to wright may
leave out some thing that you have ask. but
any way I will try & not  well have to
tell a bout more deaths.  Jake Burnett died.
saturday night at seven. oclock & was buried
yesterday at 3 oclock  They didn’t have sameny
flowers but a penty they was expensive
flowrs  they sure was pretty  Mr. mcloud Mr
Blackwell & Dr Sams preched. & Herman. & Hurshel
& Sallie & Lee Carson [?]. They singing sure was
pretty  Mr Mclouds Girl plaid  The od fell[ows]
B[urie]d  him   he [looked] naturel.  Zeb c[am]e
up this morning to get the gun to ki[ll] his
hog.  I will have to hury & get this in the Box
hope you all will have a good christmas
well I will have to tell you a bout Esteys baby
it died yesterday eving I hate to have to tell you
a bout so miny deths  it had pneumona
Talmage said tell you he would wright some
time. I will close with Love wishing
you boath a mary christmas. & a happy
New year.
         from Papa & Mama.

Transcription by Dwight Childers, 25 Jan 2009