www.childers-shepherd.org, 14 Apr 2006
Above left: The Henry Taylor and Margaret
Jane Shepherd home, now 279 Hobson
Branch Road,  as it appeared in the 1950's
to 1970's, seen from the road with the barn
in the right foreground.

Above: Henry Taylor Shepherd and
Margaret Jane Shepherd beside the house
shortly after completion in the early 1930's.

Left: a view of the much used front porch,
Harold Shepherd seated on the floor with
wife Ola in the chair beyond him, abt 1970.
About 1953: Front, seated, L-R: Walter Shepherd, Roy Shepherd, Taylor Shepherd, Dwight Childers, Hoyt Childers,
Second row, kneeling, L-R : Dale Rector, Gerald Childers, Floyd Shepherd, Jeter Shepherd, Susan Shepherd,
Harold Shepherd.
Standing, L-R: Lyda Allen, Stanley Hobson, Ruby Shepherd Allen, Thelma Wilson Shepherd, Bergie Shepherd
Hobson, Margaret Jane Shepherd, Eugenia "Jennie" Shepherd Myers, Inez Shepherd Childers, Ola Whitt Shepherd.