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The Move to Winston-Salem
"In 1920 . . . [the family] moved to
Winston-Salem, N. C. Part of the family had
already gone to Winston-Salem and were
working there. Harold and Floyd . . . were the
first to go. Then Bergie, along with her Aunt Lula
Shepherd, went. They worked at P. H. Haynes
and Reynold's Tobacco Co. While there, Bergie
got a job as a book-keeper in Turner's store, a
job which she held until the family moved back
to Hobson Branch. Bergie was a hardworking
person and had been recommended for this job
by Herbert Roberts from Flat Creek.

"In 1925, the . . . family moved back to this area
and rented
the Will Beachboard house for a
year while they were building their new house on
Hobson Branch. This house burned down in
1931 and another house was built. This house
is still standing on Hobson Branch today and is
now owned by G. D. Hensley and his son-in-law,
Mark Elkins."

  - Violet Marshbanks Cook, 10 July 1988.
Left: Presumably a list of train stops between
Asheville and Winston. Handwriting resembles that of
Bergie Shepherd.