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"Thomas Shepherd was born in Halifax County, Virginia on 3 October 1761, the son of James
Shepherd. His mother's identify has not been found."

"On a visit to Virginia toward the close of the Revolutionary War, Thomas obtained the release of
two Stanton brothers from a prison where they had been falsely incarcerated, and while in Virginia
he married their sister Nancy Elizabeth Stanton. He and Nancy returned to Wilkes County where
they remained until 1828, at which time they moved west to the Cowee section of Macon County
on land recently evacuated by the Cherokee Indians."
-- David H. Reece, "Thomas and Nancy (Stanton) Shepherd",
Heritage of Old Buncombe County,
Vol. II (Doris Cline Ward, Editor), 1987, p. 337.

"The first record for Thomas is the tax lists for Montgomery County, VA, from 1782-1787 where he
paid taxes and farmed in the New River valley. In 1787, Thomas failed to pay taxes, and it was
noted that he 'went to Georgia.' Thomas never made it to Georgia. He bought land in 1787, in
Wilkes County, NC, and sold it in 1791. In 1796, he bought land on Cane River in Buncombe (now
Yancey) County, NC . . . Over the next 20 years, he acquired large land holdings and became a
wealthy man, as evidenced by his Last Will and Testament [see link below]. In 1823, he sold his
Buncombe County land, and headed west where he settled on Cowee Creek by 1828."

"Said by some to have been the fourth white settler in Cowee District".

-- Brodrick Shepherd
Last Will and Testament of Thomas
- Philip Underwood-Shepherd, "Descendants of Thomas Shepherd"
Thomas Shepherd
1761 - 1842
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