WNC Timeline

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www.childers-shepherd.org, 13 Apr 2009
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2 Floyd Shepherd? 3 Roy Clifford Shepherd? 4 Ruby Rosetta Shepherd, 5 Walter Chambers?, 6 Leona Chambers?
7 Bascombe Chambers? 9 Harold Shepherd, 10 Mitchell Wilson Shepherd? 12 Bergie Shepherd, 15 William
Chambers? 16 Ivora Shepherd, 19 Pearl Chambers? 20 Margaret Jane Shepherd? 21 Lily Shepherd? 22 Fred
Shepherd, 23 Rosetta Shepherd, 24 Sadie Allman Shepherd? 25 Eugenia (Gennie) Shepherd? 26 Lula J.
Shepherd? 27 Clerissa Arrowood Shepherd? 28 Matilda Riddle Shepherd? 30 Bascombe Shepherd, 32 Zebulon
33 John Wesley Shepherd? Others - not even a guess. The time of this photo is around 1908, based on the known
ages of some of the subjects.

If you can identify any of these from other sources, or confirm/deny the guesses, please contact the website as
directed below.