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Erwin E. Sluder
1824 - 1885
NC    Asheville, Bunc Co NC
Erwin Sluder was a prominent banker in Asheville, NC. He built the house which later became known as the Thomas Wolfe
House (also known as Old Kentucky Home).

From 17 August 2011:

"By 1881, the Old Kentucky Home lot was owned by a banker named Erwin Sluder (1824-1885). On October 4, 1881, Sluder
and his wife Julia A. Shepherd, conveyed a large Spruce Street lot to Thomas Van Gilder, a prominent hardware merchant,
for $800. On October 2, 1882, Sluder repurchased half of the lot (95 feet by 190 feet) back from Van Gilder for $400. This
section was the Old Kentucky Home lot.

"Sluder was one of western North Carolina's leading private bankers. In 1884, he took his son-in-law, W. W. Barnard, as a
partner. Barnard was married to Sluder's eldest child, Cordelia. Sometime in 1883, Sluder began construction of a five- to
seven-room residence on the Spruce Street lot-probably for the newlywed couple, as Sluder himself lived on North Main
Street. Some of the stained glass windows and the coal fireplaces in the current structure date to this original construction.
The Spruce Street property was sold to the Barnards on January 13, 1884, for $3,500. The couple had probably been living
in the house since its construction the year before, as the 1883 City Directory listed the Barnards as residents of 48 Spruce

"W. W. Barnard (1858-1944) was a leading buyer and warehouseman during Asheville's tobacco marketing period in the
1880s. After Sluder's death in 1885, Barnard continued to prosper in banking. By 1890 he had risen to the position of
vice-president of the National Bank of Asheville, and he served as the bank president from 1892 to 1896. On April 1, 1884,
the Barnards sold the Spruce Street house to J. H. Herring for $3,600. There is little information on Herring, except that in
1887 he ran the Herring and Weaver Shoe Store at 30 South Main Street. There is also little explanation for his purchase of
the house, as the property was resold to Cordelia Sluder on March 14, 1885, for $3,390. The house then stayed in the
Barnards' possession until July 13, 1889. In 1887, two years after Erwin Sluder's death, several members of his
family-possibly his widow and children-moved into the Spruce Street house."

"The sprawling frame Queen Anne-influenced house was originally only six or seven rooms with a front and rear porch when
prosperous Asheville banker Erwin E. Sluder constructed it in 1883."
Riverside Cemetery, Asheville, NC. From James
Archer via