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                       Agnes Weatherford
1740 - after 1837

In 1837, Agnes Weatherford gave an affidavit to Cocke County Justice of the
Peace James Bantas, including the following:

". . . that she is about one hundred years of age, that she is a native of the
Cherokee Nation, that she was married to John Vann, formerly living at the
Long Island of the Holston for many years, that she had by said John Vann
Senior, John Vann Junior and Keziah married to Martin Maney."

"That they, Martin, John and William [latter two are Martin and Keziah's sons]
each the head of Indian families there residing on their reservations and
continued to do so until the Spring of 1820, when they were driven away by
the whites, assisted by some of the Indians . . . ."

BIA Special File 102 Claims to participation in per capita payments to the Eastern
Cherokee 1849-1857: The Maney Files, p. 32. Transcription by Milus B. Maney, copyright