WNC History Timeline

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Elbert Wilson researched and wrote the history of his family
in pages which now provide many wonderful anecdotes of  
life during and after the Civil War years. This website has
quoted from his writing extensively, with thanks to Thelma
Wilson Shepherd for providing access to his work. Born in
Wake County, NC, Mr. Wilson lived for many years in the
West Palm Beach area of Broward County, FL.
Elbert Ezra Wilson
18 January 1895 - 17 February 1990
Wake Co NC           St. Johns Co FL
Selections from his book, Wilsons of Western [North]
(Fort Lauderdale, FL, Bk. Bind., 1965)

Note: These selections from Elbert Wilson's writings are presented as conveyed
in the typescript, except for a limited amount of  very minor editing to improve

William Hamilton Wilson, 1807 - 1870
George Washington Wilson, 1829 - 1913
James Madison Wilson, 1830 - 1862
Lewis Elexander Wilson, 1842 - 1902
John David Wilson, 1858 - 1924
Franklin Zebedee Wilson, 1878 - 1930
Sadie Susan Wilson, 1902 - 1991