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FRANKLIN ZEBEDEE WILSON 6-l0-l878 - [12-19-1930]; Third son of Lewis and Susan Payne Wilson
was born at the sedge field. He received the greater part of his schooling at Hopewell and his music
training from Professor Alexander De Lapp. His religious training was received at New Friendship
where in after years he served as church organist having first assisted his brother Samuel and when
the latter went away into the ministry became full time organist. Also after the new church was
completed (l890) Frank assisted his father as custodian, rinqing the bells on time and building the fires
when the weather was bad not mentioning keeping the building tidy.

Having not been blessed with good health he often overdid his endurance being unwilling for others to
do more than ones share in order to lighten his load. With meadow hay to be saved and harvested;
livestock to be cared for, watermelons and truck crops to be planted, cared for and marketed at the
right time, Frank never failed to find plenty of work to do.

On August 30, 1900, Frank married Franie Mickey from Pinnacle to which union was born seven
children. Sadie Susan 4-30-1902; Efird l-16-1904 - 7-3-1905; Lelia Emiline 4-22-1905 - 9-5-1927;
Alma Jane 2-14-1907; Clarence Alexander 3-9-1910;
Raymond Mickey 9-11-1911; Mabel Sophrona 5-3-1913.

Frank was an expert in marketing the produce of the farm and added the duties of a merchant to those
of a farmer. Upon the death of his father, Uncle Frank inherited that part of the farm in Forsyth County
including the house place but had rented it out while he was in partnership in a store in Winston. Uncle
Frank was suddenly taken ill from which, few beleived he would recover and the partner thought the
time ripe for his harvest so he bought everything he could on the credit of the partnership, sold
everything he could get any cash for and skipped across the state line with the loot. At the same time,
children from Sodom Hill were playing around the straw stacks beside the barn and on a dare set fire
to the straw. That conflagration swept away the cow barn, the horse barn, the tool shed, the corn crib,
wheat bin, well house and much of the garden fence. Frank went into voluntary bankruptcy claiming
not even a homestead exemption. When he was sold out, brothers, sisters and in—laws bought most
of his belongings with the promise that if Uncle Frank lived and ever wanted them back, he could have
them for what they had cost at the sale. He did recover and made a come back. When he was ready to
buy back the home place, title could not be given so his brother Samuel let him have Sam’s part of the
inheritance from Grandpa Lewis's estate for the amount involved, fourteen hundred dollars. There on
the north edge of Davidson County facing the Cucumber Road on the site of the Grandpa Hamilton
Wilson’s barns of a hundred years earlier, Uncle Frank built a new home and cared for his family.

During the summer of 1916. Aunt Franie died from a goiter operation and a year later, Uncle Frank
married Mary Payne from near Arcadia. This was a stroke of luck, for Frank, widower with six small
children on a farm, needed help; Mary a widow with a small son needed help. She had been one of
Frank’s girl-friends in their younger days; Aunt Addie is credited with bringing them together. To this
union three more children were born: Dorothy (Tuttle); Lucille (Craver); and Franklin Zebedee, Junior,
who was well named for, except for being three inches taller, [he] is a perfect image of his father. Uncle
Frank passed away in 1929 and Aunt Mary kept the family together until the last one was grown and
married. She then married a Mr. Tuttle who in turn cared for her through her remaining life after which
he returned to his people and the place was subdivided under the name of Wilson Heights and houses
are sticking all over the place.

Elbert Ezra Wilson
                                                                                    bef. 1970

Note: Death date from NC Cert. of Death.
Franklin Zebedee Wilson
10 June 1878 - 19 December 1930
Davidson Co NC        Davidson Co NC