WNC History Timeline

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GEORGE WASHINGTON WILSON: 1829—1913; was raised on his father’s farm. he was the oldest
child of Hamilton Wilson and Katherine Ketner Wilson. In his younger days he was referred to as
Little Watt to distinguish him from his uncle John Washington Wilson, (Big Watt) at Yadkin College.
After Grandpa Ketner died in 1842 his wife went to live with Hamilton Wilsons and a portion of the
Ketner home place came in to possession of Watt and he moved the Ketner house five hundred
yards north onto higher ground. The logs from the Ketner house became the front and rear logs of
Watt’s house. He married Harriet Brendel from Davie County, who bore him three children. The girls
died in infancy but the boy Joseph grew to maturity. Watt was mild mannered and the neighbors said
he was extremely “hen—pecked”. Some of Joe’s cousins in after life would jokingly relate visits with
Joe said that if there were a cracked plate or cup on the table would always switch it to Uncle Watt’s
place saying “you take that, Watt”, or if chicken were served at the table the back became Uncle
Watt’s portion.

Elbert Ezra Wilson
George Washington Wilson
1829 - 1913
Davidson Co NC