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Sadie Susan Wilson
30 April 1902 - 28 August 1991
Davidson Co NC      Forsyth Co NC

SADIE SUSAN WILSON (Wilson) 4-30-1902 - [8-28-1991]: was the first child of Frank and Franie
Mickey Wilson and was born at the Lewis Wilson farm just a month before her grandfather’s death. At
this time the Lewis Wilson estate was divided between Grandpa’s children and the home place
including all the land in Forsyth County fell to her father Frank who remained and farmed the place for
a few years and then moved into town for a season during which time two fires wiped the place clean
of buildings so that when he moved back to the country he built a home across the county line on the
site of the Hamilton Wilson barn that had been built a hundred years earlier. Here Sadie lived through
the life of her mother who died when Sadie was fourteen. Then she assumed complete home
management over her brothers and sisters until her father remarried in 1917.

In 1918 Sadie was married to Robah Russell Wilson a second cousin who had been her childhood
playmate since she first went to school and thus Sadie holds the distinction of having married, raised a
sizeable family, has grandchildren and has never once changed her name. They lived in Southside
where the husband worked in industry until the close of World War II when with the last children grown
to maturity, they built a new ranch type home in Davidson on the Cucumber Road just a couple
hundred feet from Forsyth County line. They have raised three sons and a daughter to maturity and
have nine grandchildren. Their children are: Leon DeWard 12-24-1918 who is married to Ethel Jarvis
10-29-1919; Thelma Mae 5-1-1923 who is married to Jeter Shepherd 6-17-1908; Burton Lewis 1-17-
1921 - 6-17-1921; David Lewis 7-16-1924 who is married to Wanda Norman 12-27-1947 and James
Odell 8-17-1925 who is married to Bettie Wagoner. Sadie is an A-1 seamstress and fitter. She had
designed all her dresses and her daughter’s dresses and is in demand by the stores in town.

Elbert Ezra Wilson
                                                                            (bef. 1970)