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Hamilton Wilson took great pride in the orchard he had about the house with a variety of apples that
would make Harry Bird envious. These were the Dan River, the magnobonum, pound pipkin, russet
and a variety that was scarlet red all the way to the core; all of which varieties seem now extinct.
There were pears, peaches, sugar cherries, black—heart cherries, merillo or sour cherries with
damsons and blue plums all around the fringe of the fields. Another orchard he planted on Mexico Hill
where after the Civil War he settled his younger son Lewis. This was mostly Dan River apples with a
row of coppel along the Stage Road. Grandma Katherine was just as skilled with her garden as her
husband with his trees, raising and kept a wide variety of peas, beans, sweet—corn, cucumbers,
squash, tomatoes, potatoes, with the ever present catnip and sage bushes by the garden gate, but
she added tansy, rhue, featherfew, thyme, lavender, rosemary, sweet fennel, most of which garden
commodities we moderns have never seen. Some have suggested that being of German stock the
Ketners would have had hops for making beer. Perhaps that accounts for the wild hops on Indian Hill
that are still such a pest.

Elbert Ezra Wilson
William Hamilton Wilson
1807 - 1870
Davidson County, NC